Countering The Coup – Advice

Greetings dear sir and president!  I hold you in high esteem!  I love your resistance to U.S. imperialism!  I am a descendant of slaves.  And I appreciate you coming here for Black lives matters!  
I just wanted to make sure that they didnt try to pull a coup on you.  I love your people!  
I am going to give you ideas that came to my head to try to circumvent any future imperialistic and racist instigation.  These are all in my humble opinion, you know best — I know for your present circumstance — I am outside looking in and trying to think if there is anything that I can do to help.  
There are several things that I will bulletpoint and then give you advice from where I see it.
1.  The first thing that I would do is minimize mass protest — by delivering a food supply directly to the doors of each and every resident that is in Venezuela that is in the bracket of poor and middle class.  I would have my military trucks deliver a 90 day supply of food, with a pamphlet discussing US imperialism and the resistance of White racism and terrorism from the white/right.  I would have Hugo Chavez picture on the front of it, and your open letter thanking them for the patience — because you are dealing with terroristic acts in Venezuela.  Implement a technology plan that allows the government to deliver supplies directly instead and let them know that you are going to get them directly.
(a) There should be a website that residents can order food and there should be a phoneline where they can order food.
(b) Military trucks should deliver — and the residents have to sign and take a photo that they did receive the food. 
(c) Sir you should get food from countries that you trust.  The food shouldnt be meat — just vegetables, fruit, juice, tv dinner, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, forks/spoons, paper plates, water bottles, light generators.    They shouldnt be able to line up at any grocery store for the safety of themselves and residents — but more importantly so that you can have a record on what person is saying what or wanting what…
(d) Medicine can come from China/ Food from China..depends on your relationship with them..
I am going to suggest events to host
I am going to suggest people who are in the US (since those who are trying to resist you — worship the US, let them realize that the US isnt as great as it seen — with some of our residents here speaking) 
I am going to give you pdf files and articles that could help..with themes
Get foreign aid from China for food, ask them to supply you with enough to feed families and supply each family with farmland … A percentage ..they will receive a percentage from the fund for three years..create a credit union that allows farmers, and the community to receive a percentage.  
Have military trucks deliver it to the homes to the people so they arent lining up in the street.  Have a note to each family: thank you for your patience, inviting them out by zipcode per night to a conference that discusses the destabilization of people of color, by imperialism.  Make sure you have the family take a picture and sign for the food for each delivery.  Show these smiling photos to the general public.  
Create an online portal like Amazon, where they order food and your trucks deliver.  
Ask Cuba to help with agriculture specialists farmers to teach each family to grow their own food, and to run your state farm.  But each home will be provided with farming equipment, and they will receive a percentage in pay for state farms. 
Perhaps you can open up an educational agricultural department, offering degrees to residents for free.  Call it the Maduro Farmland Hall…In Honor of Hugo Chavez and Cesar Chavez…you could call it the Cesar Chavez scholarship
2.  After the food is delivered, make the announcement that the food will be delivered for 90 days and have been delivered for 90 days, and release pictures of those who are grateful smiling on television and on twitter.   
FYI: Please check out this book:  

Dying Empire: U.S. Imperialism and Global Resistance (Rethinking Globalizations) Kindle Edition

by Francis Shor (Author)
FYI: Please check out this study:  A Strategy used:
Countering Economic Warfare: 
Tell your economist to say this: That you will Add 10 percent taxes, giving 30 days on any company that is increasing prices, and being deceptive to the residents of Venezeula – ask people to report extortion or black market prices on your website anonymously – tax audit, 10 percent taxes on total revenue and anticipated revenue – witholding production of goods is a humanitarian crisis.  Create a tax auditing force that sanction the business…and they shpuld have to do a business oath …serving the venezuelan people honestly…and humanely. 15 year prison sentence (dont say it, quietly pass it into law)…have a tax audit police task force that arrests without incident…Make sure that you tell them that you will vow to make sure businesses dont take advantage of residents causing famine again!  
Invite people of color to become business owners there…who will honor the venezuelan humintarian business oath..
It is called the Indigenous Venezuelan Business Incentive (for the black, brown, red and yellow) 
1. One year of free housing
2.  2 month start up capital
3. 90 days no retail rent
4. 4 months free marketing
Call for all indigenous spanish speaking countries who are merchants and who wont violate your country laws to take advantage …Brown and Black in South America..Chinese, Africans, Native Anericans, Puerto Ricans, Black and Brown Caribbeans…
You may say: “We will — us, our community will shut down any company that shuts down the production and supplies of good causing an economic and humanitarian crisis “
Small Business Owners there must sign an oath could say something like this:  

 To run my business with integrity and the highest ethical standards.

• To treat customers fairly, honestly and with respect.

• To be responsible for my actions and accountable to my customers.

• To acknowledge and then, to the best of my abilities, repair any mistakes that I might make.

• To protect the interests of each customer as if they were my own.

• To improve myself and my business for the benefit of my customers.

• To be a good citizen of my community, to not take advantage of my fellow Venezuelans and the indigenous Latin community as a whole — I will not create an additional market to simply extort others with higher prices when I can sustain a healthy life here. 

If they violate this business code of conduct, and business code of ethics they will be sanctioned financially ..and privately (they are going to be locked up for 15 years for extortion — do not mention this harsh part in public). 
3. Hold a public hearing — an anti-imperialist hearing:
Hold a live court hearing against the U.S. charging them with the destabilization of Venezuela. Have testimony ..hold a live stream, so that the activists around the world can look at it. Wear Simon Bolivar on your teeshirts.  After the election charge whoever the sitting president of the United States with purposeful and harmful destabilization of sovereign governments:   Please have the subtitles in English and tweet them so that other governments can see it.  Hashtag usage for this on twitter:  #ResistRacismVenezeula  #RacismExistsInVenezeula
In this hearing you will cover the history of coups in Latin America 
In this hearing you will cover the Far Right movement that is sweeping the world from Donald Trump to (the person that is trying to overthrow you there)..
You want those who are after you to be charged with not only trying to obstruct the government but associated with the racist fascism that exists throughout the world. 
Racism and resurgent from the right wings — the Donald Trumps of Venezuela, example:
As many in America look at Donald Trump as a clown 

We must look at the clowns who wish to destabilize our governments: 
HISTORY OF Anti-imperialism in America — the live trial:

You need sir a public relations strategist, you should probably hire Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente (Latina) and hire Joy Reid…they are really articulate and effectively articulate how to counter and oppose imperialism and white supremacy
(A) Sir their main goal is for you to maintain momentum within your own party.  The US wants to paint you as inept, unable, but you need to show your own party ..remind them why they love you, why they love Chavez..
(B) Sir your goal should be a 60% approval rate…
(C) They should discuss the Latin America coup attempts since the 1990s.  
They should be the ones countering the rightwing party there.   
PR Advisors should know this:
What this comment doesn’t understand is why the Venezuelan economy is in trouble. It was ‘managed’ quite well for a decade. Only when global oil prices crashed did it begin to encounter problems. And when it did, business and governments outside Venezuela began to exploit that. The multinational US and other corporations began to hoard dollars, causing shortages of currency. Lack of currency in dollars meant shortages of goods as many were only imported; without dollars, no imports, and therefore shortages. The currency crashed, assisted by US directed speculators in the bolivar, set up in Columbia by US agencies that are used typically to disrupt currencies and economies of ‘targeted’ countries that don’t toe the US line in global political and economic interests and policies. The US then also disrupt by using international economic and legal agencies to indict and disrupt the country in question trade relationships. More disruption means more shortages and inflation, which result in more shortages. Inflation results in global capitalist speculators driving down the currency further, which means less imports can be purchased and still more shortages. Black market for scarce dollars results. The US dollar is a powerful economic weapon the US uses to disrupt economies, and the US wields it when it wants to disrupt and destroy an economy. Speculators drive up the cost of government bond prices, which cause the government to borrow less, resulting in austerity policies that devastate living standards. Businesses, led by US multinationals, go ‘on strike’ and layoff thousands. The US simultaneously ‘funds’ through the CIA and USAID and other agencies the various groups and parties intent on overthrowing elected governments. At the appropriate time, when the country is in chaos, the US direct the local military to stage a coup or take over of government institutions. With state and government power in the hands of the opposition of right wing-business interests, a purge and murder of thousands and tens of thousands follows. Terror is imposed on the rest. The regime is now US friendly. This commentator naively has no idea how the ‘mismanagement’ of an economy occurs, and who actually engineers the mismanagement. His inability to explain the truth illustrates the ignorance of ‘rightist’ thinking and the ideological misrepresentation of facts that parades as reasoned opinion. Opinion of Jack Ramus
4. Hold Educational Conferences on Television in which you educate the public on Currency Wars and Destabilization, have a host interview you about imperialism and their efforts to destabilize and disenfranchise the people .. What we must know as a nation – let us not forget, ever forget.  
It is okay to respect others – mourn their losses, but let us not forget South America’s 9/11 … Let us not forget what we are all dealing with here: 
5, Event title:  The U.S. Elections and what it means for Indigenous Latin America, the Carribeans and Africa and their descendants all over the world?  More imperialism?
Subtitle:  We Must Resist! We Must Resist!
Have it a closed meeting — with members of your audience and members that are speaking — but livestream it, have the television audience get a chance to see it, and have it on your website… I think that it should be closed to the public for safety reasons.  I think that it should be only the guest speakers and their guests there, same security protocol for all – no slip ups!

November 20th – 2016 (after our elections time enough to discuss this)

November 27th, 2016 (after the elections) 
The conference could be in one day 5 hours: 10 am – 5 pm EST (streaming live on the eastcoast of the US as well).  
Speakers and Title of topics or topic ideas for them:
Julius Malema – The destabilization of the ANC and African organizations
Minister Ava Muhammad Spain destabilization of South America
Cynthia McKinney – Destabilization of the Middle East – Libya
Hilary Beckles – Destabilization of the Caribbeans and Reparations is owed 
Wesley Muhammad – The Destabilization of Black Americans, China, Japan..and Asian countries
Gyassi Ross – Destabilization of Native Americans 
Minister Farrakhan: The War on Brown and Black Leadership: The Conspiracy to overthrow governments in North America, South America and The Caribbeans
Tony Muhammad: The Mysterious death of Dr Sebi; Bioterrorism The Kennedys Reveal Vaccines and Bioterrorism, Ebola, Tuskegee Experiment, Zika Virus, AIDS
Dady Chery: (The Carribbean and Bioterrorism) Bioterrorism Chlorea in Haiti and Africa
Lee Jasper of London: Marcus Garvey Jamaicas Resistance from Jamaica to Britain
Jose Musieer:  Open Veins of Latin America (discussion of Military coups in Latin America)
Evo Morales: Open Veins of Latin America (discussion of Military coups in Latin America) 
Latino Rebels ( – The Racism thats building in the world against Black and Brown people around the world..
Rosa Clemente: Destablization of Puerto Rico 
Leo Muhammad: Why we must resist – all people of color must unite with Venezuela and resist. 
Linda Sasour: Palestinians know about Resistance and we are calling on the people in Venezuela to resist imperialism! Resist oppression! Resist neocolonialism!
Ahmad Abuznaid:  The Far Rights relationship with zionism and white supremacy and imperialism
Danny Glover: Let us resist the temptation to idiolize America look at how she treated her first and second citizens: (Native Americans and Blacks)
Brazils Dilma Roussett:  Brown, Latina and Female — was too much for mysoginist imperialists.  Brown Ladies in the Revolutionary Movement, do not hide keep fighting!
KEYNOTE: President Maduro:  Resist in the Spirit of Hugo Chavez – Resist! I am following him in this resistance, will you join us and continue this global fight!  This is our home, we are indigenous – we are the proud members of revolutionary resistance!
Resistance topics:  
Sir, I would suggest that you play this on your government website with subtitles, has a lot of followers, dreamdefenders have a website and large following, facebook live allows for streaming, and on twitter hashtag:  #LongLiveHugoChavez #ResistLikeBolivar #ResistLikeMaduro #ResistIndigenousEverywhereResist
Have your closest ally that you trust — read the tweets live that are favorable to resisting 
Sir also play this at colleges and open it up (with your representatives) for discussion — a book club discussion:  open veins of Latin America 
Host a conference every year discussing US Foreign policy as nothing more than Imperialism…
Other initiatives that you may have:
1. Pen a book — your book should be an open letter to the future president and the people of Venezuela…the title could be:  To The Next President Of South America: Resist.
Then you could cover The War On Latin/South America – in honor of Hugo Chavez and Simon Bolivar ..A Letter To Our Future, What he taught you and the history of and your own personal experience with how the government tries to overthrow..and how you must sustain the movement…etc, win or lose..
Your book would start:  Dear future president..
How the US sought to destroy us…
2. Farmland – a percentage given to the people (0.005%) ; any government commodities a percentage (small) given to the people.
3. The Small Business Initiative (inviting existent merchants to take the place of those who refuse to follow and obey the law)
4. Perhaps open up a university called: Anti-imperialism University – in honor of Hugo Chavez; it would be dedicated to the subjects of military, political and social scientist university that studies imperialism and how to counter.  
5. Haiti and Venezuela Conference: 
1. Send a representative to Haiti ..topic: “if Simon Bolivar forgot one thing he forgot you..I want to train Haitian entrepreneurs to take advantage of our new business act”…”I dont think he meant to, but I want to make it right”:
Contact Dady Chery and have them host your representative…
2. Later on perhaps you President – can go to  Haiti to talk about Latin Americas racism and colorism issue with Dady Chery – Topic: Frantz Fanon – How Imperialism impacts our Latin and Carribean identity
6.  Become a manufacturing hub for:  Regardless of employment, the community receive a percentage in revenue (government run)
1. automobile factories
2. furniture factories
3. fashion factories
4. Reissue coffee – branding Venezuela coffee as one of the best, make a starbucks version cafes and branding
7.  Launch your own media company a newspaper called the Liberator — and have it cover neocolonialism and imperialist efforts to destabilize governments…cover opinions that counter imperialism
8. Create a Reparations Movement for South America — for Spain to pay back the debts they owe..Hiliary Beckle could help you, please see:
9. Remember to pray to God for your victory! Nothing can stop you — you are all the way up! Pray for guidance from your ancestor and friend Hugo Chavez to guide you and from your passed ancestors through this times!  Pray that Simon Bolivar give you guidance sir, pray for the Indigenous and African ancestors to guide you.
10. 2017 Quietly implement a terrorism and treason act…which states that you have the right to stop anyone who violently wishes to overthrow the government and put people in harms way. “I too was a protestor and a liberator, I just want us to protest so that our citizens are Im trying to make sure that there are no repercussions for those who oppose me, that they are safe — and able to stay out of harms way”
They should be detained for the term of the acting president.
They should be humanely treated.
No sitting or former president should be or can be charged.
They will be in solitary – humane solitary
11. Introduce Bitcoin as an alternative currency — with the acting president having the right to change
12. Launch a website called: manufactureddissent..  Title: The Coups of Latin America: Manufactured Dissent: and listing the US involvement in destroying and destablizing not just your government but other governments — the site would allow for literature and knowledge, you would ask students to present proposals to help cure poverty
You would announce that your party will be responsible for curing poverty (#cureworldpoverty) by creating new food delivery systems.. Venezuela will be the one to do it, (invite college students to submit their proposals on how to end poverty…)
You would announce how food will be delivered to neighborhoods to ensure order and safety of all residents.  And you will have auditors to make sure everyone is fed.
Some could anonymously report those who they believe are terrorists or trying to cause harm to citizens…
13. Venezuela could host a “Resist Racism” Art fesitval for all of South America and the world …..
Dear brother, your people spoke out for us — when Africa didnt.  Africa doesnt seem to understand racism. They think we are lucky to be slaves and then shot in the back by police for our skin.  I will forever root for you.

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